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The Trustworthiness Research Alliance

Alliance Members

The Trustworthiness Research Alliance is an international and multidisciplinary group of researchers who investigate trust and the role that perceptions of the trustworthiness of individuals, organizations, and institutions plays in decisions to take the leap of faith we know of as “trust.”
Suzanne McMurphy, PhD University of Windsor Assoc. Chair, TRA Steering Committee Assoc. Prof, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology Director, Research Ethics Board Dynamics of trust, distrust, and trustworthiness Government, health care, and justice systems Research ethics and public trust in scientific information.
Catherine T. Kwantes, PhD University of Windsor Chair, TRA Steering Committee Prof, Industrial-Organizational Psychology Director, Centre for Culture and Organizational Research (CCOR) Societal cultures and perceptions of trustworthiness in organizations Workplace interactions Employee attitudes



Greg A. Chung-Yan, PhD University of Windsor Assoc. Prof, Industrial-Organizational Psychology Director, Occupational Health and Well-Being Group Person-environment fit Workplace health and well-being Bias and fairness in personnel selection Conflict management
Wendy Adair, PhD University of Waterloo Prof, Psychology Director, Culture at Work Lab Culture and communication (e.g., conflict resolution, team performance) The self, values, the meaning of work Adaptation in multicultural teams
Yuichiro Kanazawa, PhD International Christian University Program Director, Public Policy and Social Research Assoc. Director, Rotary Peace Center Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba Statistics Marketing science Industrial and organizational behaviour Criminology


Juliana Barreiros Porto, PhD University of Brasília Professor, Institute of Psychology Coordinator, Tamayo Research Group Organizational culture Work and personal values Person-organization fit Well-being Ethical behaviors at work.


Bjørn Z. Ekelund, MBA, Psychologist Human Factors AS Founder and Chairperson Creator, Diversity Icebreaker® Trust issues in relation to cross-cultural differences, leadership and interdisciplinary work


A Global Research Network

Cheryl A. Boglarsky, PhD Human Synergistics, Inc. Director, Research Organizational culture, group, and individual development assessments Small group processes

United States of America

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Sharon Glazer, PhD University of Baltimore Prof and Chair, Division of Applied Behavioral Sciences President, Healthy Organization, Inc. Occupational Stress and Health Organizational Development Cross-Cultural Organizational Affect, Behavior, and Cognition
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Graduate Student Members

Esther Davies, University of Toronto, Canada Arief Kartolo, University of Windsor, Canada Harmony Peach, University of Windsor, Canada
Frances Wong, PhD University of Windsor Operations Manager, TRA Ioinformatics and genomics Big data and health Equity with technology


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Narjes Azizi, PhD Center of Research and Innovation, Mellat Bank Human Resource Researcher Social trust Corporate social responsibility Human resources Organizational Behaviour


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